Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 30.

Sky Captain of Tomorrow!! er... or something like that...

Well ... yesterday was grand. :)

We lazed and homework, nintendo and kids... and clean up zone... THEN the party. :)
[ :: nothing but energy at the bowling ally :: ]
Edward had seven friends along for his seventh birthday... and three were girls... (his choice) and oh man were they ever cute lil'kids. :)
[ :: this is nicole... pictured only because she looks so cute here with Ed in the back ground :: ]
Bowling with kids... fun. :)

We watched some West Wing last night... taking a stab at catching up (thank you bit torrent)... but mostly we were puttering. !

Now... it's absolutely fabulous outside today... warmer than it's been for ages and sunny like crazy... So I'm going out to take a stab and hacking through some of the ice on my laneway and walk. (big big UG!).

TKD is soon... so I gotta get boogy'en.

~ red strippe ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ b.u.m. equip gray t and a big comfy Old Navy fleecy pull over. :)
~ ug... oh man today is gonna be busy a-go-go! Maybe I should get little white boots.
~ clean up... cut up veggies... sort out lazania stuff...
~ homework with the boys...
~ TKD all afternoon...
~ and a HOUSE FULL OF PEOPLE for dinner and all evening. (Suz's family for a couple of family b-days... incl Edwards)
~ watch the Battlestar Galactica tape from last night... :)
~ oh, and I have to study some of the stuff for the Workshop that starts tomorrow. !!!
~ to send out words of patient hope to friends in far away places... like way down in North Carolina... :)
~ I could sit here and read lj.
~ you would go look at this [ :: picture :: ] Is she adorable or what? Happy Birthday sugar-kat. :)

Team Time Bomb Report: Big Congratulations out to cynica
She had her little baby!!! Welcome to Lauren Elizabeth, who is healthy and happy and busy being a baby... :)

// Cool beans about the Purple Dye on the finger for the Ex pat Iraqui voters... I wonder if they're marking the voters in Iraq the same way... I fricking hope not. I suspect that the purple finger will turn to a finger of death for many if they are doing that.
Good luck with those elections Iraq. Enjoy your steaming cup of instant democracy. Let me know how that works out for ya.

// to the stranger that popped in to let me know I really need to [ :: get a life :: ]... oh my god... go fuck yourself. hahahahaha... I get such a trip out of things like that... I mean, who does this? Who trolls around lj and hands out trash talk to strangers? Loser. :D
(oh and his / her ip address is in case it's just some account someone else made to do their trash'en from. Anyone recognize that IP?)

Ok... time to go hack at my laneway. See ya tonight.
(and no, I can't spell Lazania... sue me). :D
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