Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

::::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]::::::::::::::::::

~ ok today can just die... any time. ;)

I'm done but not done... does that make sense? I just can't do any more without having a mental freak out. :) So I'll save it and do it at home. I have to be bright eye'd and bushy tailed* on monday morning at the hotel for the workshop.

You know... I got a note from someone about the AR update... and (I know this is a prol'y a bit sad but...) it was great to know that someone actually misses it. :) I am writing it... I've just not be able to finish... I'll finish tonight. :) WWBS... what would Bolo say?

So... how the heck am I gonna have a Bowling Birthday Party for 8 kids ... when everyone in my family is sick like death? Gah!!! I hope Edward holds his health long 'nuf to have fun tomorrow.

Ok... I'm outti... gotta get drive'en.

See ya tonight... :)

* no, I have no idea how or why anyone would want to be "bushy tailed". Sounds like road kill to me... flat squirrel... bushy tail....
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