Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 27

Don't be fooled... he was awake... he just wanted to pretend to be asleep... :)
I sooooo love Thursdays... because Thursday is Pizza day at school... and daddy does not have to make lunches. :)

Happy Birthday my little munchkin... :D
Seven years ago, Edward was yanked from his mommy after she spent a day trying to deliver him.
When the doctor began to pull on him... he literally says to me... "hold her shoulders, we're going to have to really yag on him!"
Apparently "yag" means "pull hard" but in technical doctor speak.
Suzanne's efforts to deliver had lodged his head rather tightly in the birth canal...
but his 10 lb bulk was not passing through that way.
When this finally was clear to the docs... i dressed in the disposable booties and green scrubs (that I, stole... still have 'em) and sat at her side while Edward found his way to the light.
There was an audible popping noise... and the doctor held Edward up in the air.
"I'd say he's over ten pounds!" comments the doctor... then edward begins to pee...
A nurse pops an instrument tray under the stream and when he's done... the doc says "ok... ten pounds."
He, indeed, turned out to be 9 lb 15 ozs.

Okidoki... it's stupid stupid cold again. I drove the boys to school so Edward didn't have to negotiate the bus with his load of cup cakes... and they were both complaining about the squeeeeeek my steering column makes (due to being FROZEN SOLID). gah! :)

It's a brilliant sun but so damn cold that the roads... thick with road salt... are not giving up the salt-queeb-splash that cakes the car...
Translation: I could actually see out my windshield as I drove to work.!!! :)

My coworker ... cube mate dude... has a big sweater on with dk blue and white vertical stripes... "where's the whistle?" "am I in?" kick kick kick kick dust at his feet... "that was out!!" "where's your eyes?" "what? are you blind?" It's never going to end... every single person that walks into our office.... hahahaha...

~ dk blue ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ gray t
~ new old navy warm comfy long sleeve thing...
~ drinking warm coffee and getting my body temperature back from frozen!!
~ prepping a project status report for our client to give to his bosses...
~ write a bit about AR if I can... sigh...
~ tonight? Alias and Lost tape will be spinning!!! :)
~ that my darling Edward holds his health, out lives me, finds true happiness, and is afforded the opportunity to do something to make the world a better place.
~ that crushdmb would go for the blue!!! do it... dare ya. :)
~ that peace finds it way to pixiecup's house of kiddie flip out...
~ I could give ladyfire a wedgie... because... you know, it'd make her soooo happy.
~ that things sort out for the Moving Girl... aka canuckgirl

Ok... so here we go...

Say that number out loud.
That's three hundred BILLION dollars.
How much did America spend on Education in the last ... I dunno... ten years?
or maybe on medicare? Job creation? Environmental protection? Clean water?
Yeah... well that is the unadjusted cost of deciding that America needs a state in the middle east it can call it's own. 300 fucking BILLION dollars. That is an unimaginable number...
... and America is no where near out of that story. Years!!! There are YEARS still to go... before Iraq has been completely subjugated and made a docile American lap dog in the middle east.
... American TAX dollars hard at work.

A Catholic Arch Bishop (or what ever he's called) here in Ottawa has written a letter that all the catholic churches will be reading aloud to their congregations this weekend.
He is telling the collected flock to hold steady to the doctrines of intolerance, discrimination, and hate. He is demanding that the good catholics work hard at furthering the cause of making second class citizens in our society by pushing their agenda on elected officials.
Because... you know... "they" are not the same as us... "they" are inferior in their practices and clearly a stain on the rest of us...
... and the faithful bring their CHILDREN to church... so the message can get a good foot hold.

I'm sorry... but that is such utter fucking bullshit!! I can't decide if the Arch Dick Head needs a white hood or a swastika.
Either way... his message is the same... Intolerance, discrimination and hate.

"Oh... no, our local minister is not like that... he's very moderate..."
Yeah... right.
Our local KKK chapter paid the medical bills for a little black boy that was burned in a fire...
We just want to ensure the purity of our race... but we're not hurting anyone...
What a load of crap.

If you are Catholic... then you're catholic. It's not like there's "different Catholics" out there guys.
The local dude is moderate? Yeah... whatever.
The Roman Catholic Church preaches intolerance, discrimination and hate.
They enforce their preaching with fear and threats of everlasting damnation.
And like so many Lemmings... the faithful drop in the cash and the support to prop up their corrupt institution.
Go ahead... enjoy being Catholic but don't expect me or anyone else to believe you're not being a hypocrite or ... worse still... an intolerant lemming.

gah... sorry... that had to come out.
The radio was all talking about this Catholic Bishop dude and his letter and it just totally got my back up.
evil... lives among us.

Time to work and see if I can get some good work done today... busy busy day. :)
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