Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

schmoopy moments.

Life is too short... to spend waiting.
Love is way to precious to leave in a box.

Why is love so afraid of the light?
Let it out... don't leave it locked away.

Holding it back for that one perfect person...
Denies you of the chance to love your friends.
And that's just silly.

Once upon a time...
I clicked "random" in lj and landed at the first or second post of a young woman.
I commented. Her friend commented. I responded....
These were just girls... sixteen years old and finding a place to play in the web.
I tried to be as considerate of that as possible...
... and now... they are both twenty.
The life you live from sixteen to twenty ... is dramatically more significant than the any other four year stretch that will come after twenty.
Sharing in those years with these friends has been ... wonderful.
I think of them often.
I can't decide if I love them as sisters or nieces... :D but I know I love them.

Once upon a time...
I found myself trying to understand a man from Oakland...
He seemed to be working in the same field as I was but ... he was something else altogether.
His life seemed to be something from a cross between a Douglas Coupland book and a hunter thompson article.
He has a great and powerful love in his life... she is remarkable... but together they are absolutely amazing.
Now they live and work on the other side of the planet and took into their care their young niece.
I think of them often.
And yes... I love them absolutely and completely.

Once upon a time...
A woman with strong opinions, and more "cool" in her baby finger than a walk in freezer,
brought her opinions to my issues and pushed me to better places.
She helped me... although she prol'y doesn't even really know how much.
Well... her world crashed.
From the mess that settled around her feet grew such achievement, personal growth and wonder... let alone her little baby boy...
... that I am almost humbled to have shared in so much of it.
I cannot imagine a time in my life that will not include my love for her.

And yes... the stories go on and on.
As does the love.

Why keep it inside waiting.
Let it out in daylight.
Say it... share it... and let it come back to you.
It will.
... and there is no greater happiness that you can know...
than to be loved and give your love in return.

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