Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Dear Mr. Harper:

As the head of the Canadian federal conservative
party, are you finding it difficult to read the body
language of your political foes with you head
shoved that far up your own ass?

No really... I'd like to know.

"Stephen Harper who said the Liberal government's
move to extend marriage to include gay and lesbian
couples could, one day, evolve into support for

Lord love a fucking duck... what a comprehensive sojourn into the realm of absolute stupitude!


Of course this kind of thing just hauls all the freak'en zealots out from under their rocks to pump up the air waves with sound bites that do pretty well nothing but stir anger and frustration.

The one that leaves me with the most steam shooting out of my ears is the one that goes something like; "By tampering with the traditional values of marriage we threaten the very fabric of our country, for they cannot contribute in the most essential and basic way to our country's future."

How totally fucked is that? Of course it's a reference to make'en babies.

Because... you know... those regular couples that have remained childless by no choice of their own or, more to the point... those that simply do not choose to have children, are just destroying our country... I mean there should be a fine or something...

I'm sorry but this issue completely burns my ass. Every way of slicing the issue into a torrent of social terror, hate, distrust, revulsion, and disrespect is brought to the fore in the ridiculous hope of moving away from the actual issue at hand. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not a book of suggestions for the self righteous to edit when they see fit.

Love is not your province to tax, control, define and award.
and you actually think Spongebob and Patric are a bad influence on our kids because they hold hands... I beg you to kill yourself before you do any more damage to my planet.

Eat me you big big freaks... eat me.

And hurry up and get fucking old and die already so we can, as a civilization, finally be rid of your pathetic stains on our collective intelligence.


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