Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 21

Yeah, so all the 'merican versus canad'yan meetricks temperature stuff... all falls to shit when it hits minus 40.
After that... it's all the same man. And the technical definition ... of conditions when the temperature gets that low is...
When I left the house this morning it was minus 42 outside.
There's no snow... just piles of white ROCK everywhere... oh, and it squeaks when you step on it.
Let's put "minus 42" into perspective... When was the last time you squirted a water pistol?
Imagine shooting short stream of water from little crappy water pistol into the air... and it falling to the ground as ICE.
Yeah... no really.

And, searching for silver... The sun is out in all her glory, so everybody you meet on the street looks either like a stupid kid that doesn't know enough to dress for the weather or a giant colourful marshmallow with sunglasses. :)

ps. It's "national hug day" today... which is all well and good... but next Friday is "national grab that ass day" ... so I'm holding myself back till then.

~ black stripee ftls
~ new blue jeans... [ :: and man, I wish I could wear 'em every day!! :: ]
~ a nice white shirt... that's hiding under a big blue turtleneck.
~ start the day with my nose to buried in the laptop working on the next survey for this client...
~ try desperately to remember that it's a Friday...
~ clear out data from my "desktop computer" at work and migrate it to the laptop... (sigh)
~ tonight? yeah... no plans. (besides staying warm...)
~ that today goes swimmingly for danicia
~ and that I was able to actually look at my friends page... fucking fridays... how come they're always so freakishly busy???? gah!!!

Of the 25,000 Iraqi's that live in Canada... that are eligible to vote in the upcoming sham... er... election in Iraq... only 2,500 have registered. This, apparently is typical of expat Iraqi's around the world. The "election team" is saying that they expect a "late rush" of registrations. I'm expecting ... nothing even close.
Dudes... take a frick'en clue. They are in Canada, or where ever because they abandoned a punk ass country made of deserts and crazy people ... exactly how big a shit do you think they are going to give about some puppet election the occupying army is holding????
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