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The Beauty Myth

Why, exactly, is it so hard to believe the time tested
maxim "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"????
Here in the western world and probably in most of the
northern hemisphere, beauty is not a possession... or
even a state of mind.
It's a commodity.
It is sold to willing consumers faster than they can
come up with the cash to afford this months version.
It's worse than computer upgrades.
Here's the thing...
The popular media that promotes the unrealistic
stereotypes called beautiful are often accused
of tainting the impressionable and leaving them poor
judges of beauty. Think of the girl that supposes that
the object of her desire wont think she is pretty because ...
well, she doesn't look at all like that girl in the magazine.
Yeah... well, she is the PROBLEM and the VICTIM. The boy
does not even enter the equation. The beauty brainwashing
is directed at those that would style themselves after Beauty's
bounty. That is the yoke to push away... Make your own way
in the world... and take your own steps towards beauty.
There is more beauty in the baby finger of your true self
than can ever be nipped and tucked into your fashion victim.

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