Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 19.

Brrrrrr... and yes... aren't I an attractive "Morning Person" today...

Yeah, it's raining in western canada... and it's been freezing the crap out of us here in Ontario.
January... not the best time of year around here.

My car is steaming away on the laneway... and I have got !!!! take off. :)
See ya tonight.

~ red ftls
~ black nice look'en cargos
~ maroon dresss shirt
~ very nice tie... in fact, I got married in this tie... egads...
~ a dk gray sweater
~ zoooom
~ off to that last day of this weeks workshop... (there's two more workshops to go before we finish with this gig)
~ tonight... Alias!!! Lost!!! (I'm loving Wednesday night tv!)
~ for a quick and painless trip to the dentist for tonya :)
~ and, of course, that I had any time at all to check you guys out!


~ I miss you.
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