Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 18

Well it's minus something outside... "and with the wind chill, it'll feel like -35".
Dear Weather People... I got yer "wind chill" right here...

brrr... leaving the house when it's dark...
returning home again... in the dark...
and watching the sunshine of a day... cold or otherwise,
slip past a boardroom window...
is sad.

However... you pay your dues...
and you smile.
Work to live...
Don't live to work...
And everything will work out in the end.

~ blue ftls
~ dk gray dress pants
~ white dress shirt
~ a teddy bear tie
~ a warm blue sweater...
~ another day of the workshop...
~ except I wont be home till... stupid late...
~ watch Amazing Race when I finally get home.
~ I had more time to read ya...
~ to direct your attention to a BIG HONKING CONGRATULATIONS moment for celtic_bairn.
She had her baby on Friday... Logan William was a 7lb 9oz baby and he and his mom are doing great.

Now then... if my journal friends page has any definable feature, it's the significant number of new or recent moms that I tend to gravitate towards. Go and say hi to celtic_bairn... I bet she could use a little support.


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