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ack ... I should be working... but I can't help it... quick story...
Do ya remember Salt'n'Peppa... singing ... "Ooo baby baby..." doing those little 'getting jiggy wid it' dances that (no racism intended but) only black girls* can pull off in music videos... ??? the song "Push It" by Salt'n'Pepper... can you get that tune in your mind... Oooo baby baby, b b b baby... Got it.
Ok. so our admin assistant sits at the front of the office... I'd call her a receptionist, 'cept she isn't one and deserves my remembering that... ANY WAYS!!! the idea is that I just couldn't get this stupid ass song out of my head... and as I'm walking past the admin's desk, I picture the two of us doing a kind of 'talent show / kerioki' thing ... both of dressed in gold shinny short shorts (she's not tiny) with gold shirts, doing that little dance singing that chorus... (note: the song playing in my headphones includes - as you no doubt know - the line "give it to me baby" as does the S'n'P song... AND the previous song on my play list was "Push It - Garbage" hmmm wonder why the song was in my head...)
Ok, keeping a long story LONG (sorry) the point is... I had this thought and it only took an instant to completely picture this... and I collapsed in laughter... no seriously... I was doubled over holding my knees with tears coming down... and, of course, people are asking "what's so funny..." and I just could not explain it... nope... not a chance...
there's a line from a movie in the very deepest background of my memory of a guy saying "Sometimes I just think funny thoughts... "

what a goof... I know ... I know...

* black girls : if I'm actually saying something racist here... you're gonna have to deal. I really don't mean to and I'm certain that everybody really does know what I mean about the dancing although I'm also just a sure any girl or boi can dance that way... the imagery works best this way... k! No offense intended...

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