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The Amazing Race 6 Update!!!

Amazing Race 6 Update!!

Bunching Up.

It's all about... bunching up!!! It's like some kind of evil plot. It seems like everywhere they go they all bunch up and wait for the place to open. The Evil Giant Human Penis Head (Jonathan), tells Vic that suicide is fine, Aaron looks past Hayden's chest and sees the nasty side of his little model date and, best of all... we get to see Adam in what appears to be an episode of the Bugs Bunny / Roadrunner show.

Good Afternoon Race fans...
(aka "The show mechanics!")
Ok... did you miss the show?
~ Wake up in Hungary and go "fast fast" (hence, they're in taxi's again) to a 14,000 gallon wine cask... in the basement of a restaurant, that doesn't open till morning... oh and if you're Victoria, you can be every kind of stupid there is and call Jonathan "motivating".
~ get a clue... fly to Corsica and check out the house Napoleon made his first mess in... which doesn't open till morning... (so bunch up again)
~ if your Adam and Fun-Bobby Rebecca, you can find a Fast Forward and win today's leg of the race
~ everybody else can go to some French Foreign Legion fort.
~ Detour is a climbing a big ass wall with one of those groovy step-mech-lift things or screw around on a lake with a speed boat for a while.
~ Clue it to "Zilia", watch Jon call Vic a "moron" ... which should be highly motivating,
~ Road Block with a barrel of grapes, bare, unwashed, stinky, possibly diseased feet, a funnel, bottles, and a wine glass ... then say "yuk!"
~ zoooom to check point and find that it's a "non elimination round" so Hayden can torture Aaron some more... and, btw, Jonathan and Vic were second last by only moments.

If you didn't miss the show...

The Good
How much freaking fun was watching Adam be the gigantic whining dip stick that he is trying to sink in that circa 1935 diving suit? When it was all inflated... and he's floating... I swear it was like a Sylvester and Tweetybird or maybe a RoadRunner episode... :)

The Bad
What is with the Bunching Up!! Everybody goes ga ga getting somewhere first, only to sit down and wait for everybody else!! Grrrrr.

The Ugly
Adam, his little hair tufts, and his snivelly whiney voice... just makes me wish Fun Bobby would bitch slap him for a while... "She treats me like a little kid..." Dude... have you looked in a mirror ... ever?

The Exceptionally Pathetic
What is it about great giant strong people that makes them think they're hot shit at climbing ... anything... ever... ??? Dildo and She-Ra think they should tackle the Climb the Big Ass Wall thing in the Detour. All the other climbers... who each weigh as much as either of Lori or Bolo's thighs just Zooooooom past them on the climbing thing.

The Losers
Oh I sooooo wanted Jon and Vic to be done. I'm absolutely sick of him and she's a dumb as a fucking post... She calls Jonathan "motivating" in a classic "make excuses for my abusive husband" moment and then he hops to it with the never ending string of put downs. Somebody kill him ... please... AHHHHHH! And the preview for next week... when Vic hurts her self and someone... maybe Hayden or Kendra ABSOLUTELY screams at Jonathan to help her... bwahahahahaha... that's gonna be good! :)

Checkered Flags and Crystal Balls...
Rebecca, aka Fun Bobby, totally drags ass-wipe boy Adam kicking and screaming to the finish line. I can just imagine her muttering "oh fucking great" when Phil tells her she and Adam won a trip to wherever for coming in first.

Dunno, but the Lori / Bolo thing is still looking like money to me.

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