Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

clearly the gods must be crazy
or is that ... dogs must be lazy?

~ dude... we've been having a thunder and lightening storm. um... it's January 13... it's wicked strange.

Dear ABC Sales Team:
When next you feel the moral imperative to
run a show like Alias past it's alloted time on
the clock... in a theoretical desire to squeeze
a few zillion more advertising dollars into you
deep pockets... please rush down to parking
garage and ask Julio to ram a fork in your eye.

Dear Whoever Wrote The Software In My Satellite Receiver:
Thank you for the little check box to tell the vcr
to start recording "one minute early".
However, if you were really on the ball... or took
the time to get to know the guy in the parking
garage... you'd realize that adding a check box
for recording "one extra minute past" would do
wonders for the vision component of the Health
Care plan for ABC sales executives.

~ so... anything special happen in Alias after the knowing look between Sydney and Jack when Nadia explains why the clip in her glock is empty?
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