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From the "sad but true" archives... aka... corto's dirty little secrets.

I am totally and completely all over womens figure skating...

I sit like a moron and watch, enraptured, by the girls figure skating in the Olympics... and yes, I get a charge when the wipe out huge... and no I don't pull the wings off flies, I just think it's kinda wow when they go down.

There's something about grace... something about the beauty of it...
Of course, the skin tight outfits and ass-cheeks-on-display doesn't hurt... and shut up... (hahahaha)

Remember that movie about the guy that hurts his knee and can't continue hockey... some small town thing... and ends up in the Olympics...
The girl he skates with... he's learning to skate on figure skates... and every time he face plants on the ice she comments "Toe Pick".
To this day... when ever I see someone fall ... I mutter "toe pick".

I just watched the trailer for [ :: Ice Princess :: ] and I was completely taken in.
It's like a Disney Kids movie... and I cannot fricking wait to see it...
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