Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 10

Mild weather, and waking up at 7:45...
blah!!!! mad house in my house this morning.
Fortunately I made their lunches last night.

I'm still a wee bit HARD CORE STOKED about the new computer...
but I'll try to not blather on about it... :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t under a maroon dress shirt... and a tie.
~ and yes... this is getting to be a "monday uniform".
~ beats pin stripes man...
~ no plans man... boss is back from vacay so he's gonna be all over giving me stuff to do...
~ and there's the data correlation from the surveys... ey gods...
~ to check a lottery number... because ... well just because.
~ to say I'm glad serraph is home safe and sound... and hoping that she and geekgrrrl had a blast... (pictures?)
~ that ladytess keeps on enjoying that job...
~ for the attitude to pay off for kiki679
~ 4.8? GO YOU arlyn... feeling good about yourself is job one sugar.!!! :)

If your not in control of your attitude...
Then exactly who is?
And what did they do to earn that right?
Did you give it to them?
Or did they take it away from you?
Either way... get it back.
No really. Step up...
Drag your hand across the foggy mirror...
Just one streak... at eye level.
Look at your eyes.
Don't bother with the rest of you...
Those bits are good and bad and change over time.
Stick with the windows into your true self.
Look at your eyes...
And frown.
Look at your eyes...
And smile.
Very different eyes.
Very different stories.
Attitude baby...
Let your eyes tell the world
... a good story of you.

I have to go.
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