Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


so much software to install... but that doesn't dampen my spirit one wee bit.
The sound works... the system is fabulous...
I suppose it's all 'check me out' to talk about the new pc... but tough. :)
We kill a lot of time at out computers and we've saved hard to afford some upgrades.
My goal was to grab power but kill the dam noise.
Man... did that ever work out great.
The new 775 processor is rather rocket like...
However, it's the little things...
Like a hard drive mounting tray that uses rubber gromits* to secure the drive...
A whisper quiet case fan... 120 mm of freaking case fan (it's big!).
A dead quiet power supply...
and that cool-as-beans cpu fan I linked pictures of in my morning post...
It (the zalman fan) has a wee adjuster to drop the fan speed - if things are cool enough inside the case - to a remarkably quiet level.
~ big grin.

Ok, and that grin is being madly impacted by my more heartfelt bliss over the way things went today.
Our first full-on-family ski day... (Z was at work when the boys and I went skiing on the 31st).
... and we had a great time.
Of course, everybody is dead... the kids are zonked... (a warm bath helped...)
and z and I will sleep like babies tonight. :D

ok... time to sort out some software installs.

I hope all is well in the land of you guys...

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