Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 9.

That is my first web cam... the AMAZING 3com Home Connect Lite USB camera. It takes beautiful images in all kinds of light conditions and ... I love it... except ... there is no real support for it under XP. I've been using it with XP but it appears that the drivers for it are the root cause of the problems with the integrated sound card on this new computer. The geek squad... Mr. Lips and his Cyclops... were able to show me the sound card working fine buy booting my sys with a diff hard disk... so it's not the hardware. GRRRRR!

Bottom line: If I can't "poke and tweek" the problem away... I'm going to have to reinstall again. AHHHHHHH! (towards that end... I made a new slipstream disk with SP2 in it... which saves a ton of time!!).

We bought ski equip yesterday... for the kids... all of it used except Geo's skis... which were just not available second hand... and the sporting goods store where we got it all runs a program that takes it all back next year and gives you a big discount on the "next size up" that we'll need then... :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ old jeans
~ very old txt shirt ... orange stripe... can't... throw... it... away.... :)
~ sort out kids and their homework...
~ get z over to her sisters to borrow skis...
~ go skiing with the family this afternoon. :)
~ the kids ski lessons don't start until February! :(
~ and continue the ongoing saga of getting my computer to work properly...
~ er... I think Desperate Housewives is new tonight!
~ that rememberingyou finds a little relief from the blighted landscape of migraine pain...
~ for a little healing action to get mario up and around so my sweet friend teaser can get back to being pampered!! :)
~ that something gives and haela gets her hands on a wee break here...
~ and a "welcome home" out to jennie1969... I'm so glad you loved the cruise... !!

Note: For those of you that are into it... season 4 of 24 starts tonight!!


I know I've been much absent of late in the land of lj...
It feels almost strange to look over my friends page and realize how seriously out of touch I can get in a week.
Sure I've had weeks away before ... but I'm not away... I'm here... just really freak'en busy... and most of all... spending every free moment working on the new computers.

Oh... and CHECK this out!!

[ :: Here's a small picture of the inside of my pc case before the new fan goes in... :: ]
[ :: Here's a picture with the fan in. :: ]
Holy crap that is one BIG ASS fan.
It has a little "speed controller" that lets you adjust the fan speed... all towards the goal of finding the"quietest operation possible while still keeping the various temperatures down.
Dude... lemmi tell ya... it works like a charm!! It is the ultimate pc cooling fan. :)
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