Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

dum di dum...

Yeah... so I bolt from the office after submitting my "survey" report for the week.

Home and grab my computer and head to the store where I bought the bits.
They want to sort out the "embedded sound not working" issue... perhaps for fear that I will muck it up worse if they let me figure it out.

Now, I like these guys... they're helpful, they have good prices and a nice store...
however... "ivan"... the asian dude that manages the store, has lips that put angelina jolie to shame. Giant lips... on a little head... with these intense wire frame glasses. Ivan, Mr. Lips, takes me to the back counter to see Mike... the cyclops.

Mike has one eye that is kinda motionless and ... well, it points in some other direction that has nothing to do with the situation. It's a bit squinty and really doesn't seem to be in play. The other one, however, is ... a big freak'en eyeball man. Mike has a neck the size of my thigh, he's a tad big "stout" and he has meaty hands with these sausage link fingers. He's the tech guy.

The power up the box, open the side and while Mr. Lips licks his ample pinkers, Cyclops Mike starts poking around inside the computer. I'm holding my breath and reminding myself that they'll replace anythign they fuck up...

conclusion: the mother board needs replacing and they'll have it sorted out by tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, !!! the fans are in. :) I'll post some pics later, but these babies are frick'en monsters... the big daddy of CPU fans. I'm about to install one in Z's computer... (geek moment).

so the bottom line is... no computer fun for me tonight... (I'm on the kids pc).

See ya later skaters... :)

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