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Friday, January 7

Clearly a half a tube of ritz crackers is not defined as a "breakfast of champions".
I do have every intention of fixing that deficiency in my diet by having a pizza at lunch... maybe Hawiian... that way I can say I had some fruit... ar ar ar...

It snowed... it rained... and then it cleared up. Now to edu-macate all'y'all on the complexities of weather... if it snows... and then it gets clear... that means IT'S COLD.
See... that means the city dumps absolute shit loads of salt on the roads to melt the ice... which works great.
The result of this little science experiment is that dirty, salty, queebish water or "near water" splashes the absolute crap out of your car and (most importantly) your windshield.
"no problemo" you think to yourself... "just turn on the whipers and shoot a little of that blue stuff.."
Yeah... and you'd be from the South.
Friggen ice boogers attached to the wiper blades reducing my visibility to small un-dirty streaks on my windshield. gah...
And the "blue stuff" would be great if the little nozzle that it shoots out of wasn't half encased in ice..

Ok ok ... I'll stop whining about the winter thing... We get to ski... and, unlike almost everywhere else in the world that lives in endless summer... we rarely shoot one another.

Eight months of the year spent in big coats, boots, and pissing about how cold it is, is a great deterent to war. (and quiet about the russians... I don't wanna go there... :D)

~ black stripee ftls
~ new blue jeans... [ :: sigh... just out of the wash... heaven... :: ]
~ b.u.m. equip gray shirt...
~ dk blue button up shirt.
~ several more interviews with the survey people... sigh... this is a crap shoot. Some of the calls are cool... some make me want to jab a pen in my eye...
~ I have a faint hope that the new cpu fans will be in today... so I'll get to geek out putting them in tonight. :)
~ oh, and LOTR ROTK Ex. is still calling to me from the dvd shelf... hmmm...
~ that I can figure out what the fuck is up with the hi def sound drivers not working on my mb... (It would be nice it was just the RAM's fault... RAM = easily replaced...)
~ for some good karma to wrap up my little sugar-cack... er... thedreamingtree
~ that katie8471 gets herself a job at an IT Help Desk soon... :D (snicker)
~ to point out that ... yes, when hair gets long you call it a "handle" ... not a ponytail. silly...

I've been so freaking busy at work... (how fair is that? I mean... wheres the cushy job with no actual work when you really want it?)

Have you ever counted up (estimating) how much money you have earned... EVER... as a single total amount?
~ I did... interesting amount... apparently I've made a million dollars... of course, I managed to spend it all. d'oh...

I have another interview... now... so I gotta git.

See ya.

(and have a fabo Friday man... it's a great day to not be dead or living in Iraq... which is almost the same thing...)
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