Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 5 The Day Alias Starts Up Again... :D

So after dinner... after play time... after cleanup and after kids-to-bed... I shut down my old pc, stripped out a couple of parts and finished putting together my new pc.
It's new... new chipsets (relatively), newest processor line, geek geek geek geek... like the flesh on my chest started hardening into a freaking pocket protector as I was putting it all together. There's miles to go before I put the "old" to rest... software installs etc... but oh man, I'm so geeked-out-happy is silly. Oh, and the video card (see dorky picture above) is the best I could manage on the budget... but it's dramatically better than the we 64 meg card I was cruising with before... :D

And ... AND... that almost (but not quite) pales in comparison to how adorable suzanne looks in this dark blue velour track suit thing she got from my mom at christmas. :D :D :D ... oh my god it's awsome!!! (Of course, now I'm picturing myself and both the boys in velour track suits and the four of us going for an evening walk in the spring... bwaahahahaha... )

Oh, and my day started with a evil head ache... so I popped some meds and lay down again to let 'em kick in.
They've kicked in... so I gotta cut this off and get to work!! :D

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk gray dress pants... little cuffs 'n everything...
~ gray t hiding under a big comfy blue turtleneck
~ to go to work!
~ sort out a spreadsheet to present survey data
~ WATCH ALIAS TONIGHT (2 hr season premier)
~ Tape LOST...
~ play with my new computer!!!
~ you could imagine how happy I am to have my new pc all cook'en...
~ I could bottle the laughter that consumed me towards the end of Amazing Race last night... holy shit I was dying... :)
~ to send a few good vibes out to celtic_bairn... who is ... just... about... ready... to... have that baby!! :D
~ I had time to cruise all y'all and sort out more wishes... but duty calls.... :D

// on a quite Samoan Island... relatively close to the absolutely worst part of the Tsunami... the local tribes living in small villages and carrying on centuries-old traditions, including an oral history of life on their island, knew from their own history that when the ground shakes... everybody goes to the top of the mountain. The ground shook... they all went to the top of the mountain. Not a single life was lost. Their villages were erased... but they are content to be alive. Strike one against the "progress" the left everybody else around them without their traditions.
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