Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 4

Ah yes... first day back. :)uneventful drive in to work... which is nice... because the only "events" I can imagine have to do with crashing cars and stuff... so, it's all good man. :)

Cloudy and kinda mild... with a big fat layer of ice over everything. I mean, you need to understand... there is a 6 inch thick ice sheet over the end of my driveway. You can't just "chip" that away. I need several bags of salt... and the stores sell out of salt bags the moment the arrive.

Clarification Sorry for the freak out about the new season of the show 24. The Last DVD of the season 3 series that we rented had a trailer for Season 4 that included the clear statement that the season premiered on January 3rd. However, I can see that this has been changed and it starts on the 9th (I think).

How are you?
I could be happier... but then people would notice the bubbles. :)
See the white boy dance... Let a good vibe own you.
It's much better than the other crushing things people tend to let own them.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers... wrinkle and spill proof... k'mon... dare ya... :)
~ white t hiding under a maroon dress shirt and a tie... hey, it's monday. :D
~ the shoes I remembered (does a dance) to bring from home...
~ seven different kinds of research... as the bosses get swamped with new work. (our department is going mental... got a few years of ITIL experience? we got jobs man...)
~ watch "medium" taped from last night...
~ Amazing Race... (i know ... tv boy)
~ continue putting new computer parts together
~ please please... for pixiecup and her wee family to all get healthy again soon... :)
~ to point out that... um... "Terry rocks". :D
~ that carefreespirit hears about a great day from Kylie tonight... :)
~ a happy lj anniversary to queenveets... the velvet-veeta. :)

// War On....
I swear... the United States desperately needs to declare a war on Health Care.
In fact, while they're at it... they should declare a war on Clean Water and Environmental Protection.
Health Care, Clean Water and Environmental Protection.
Horrible scourges... blighting the American Way Of Life (AWOL - hmmmm... interesting).

Clearly... that is the only way those issues will ever get sorted out.
A "war on terrorism" has obviously increased terrorism.
The "war on drugs"... bwaahahahaha... dude... there's more drugs in America than ever.
How about "the war on poverty"? Need I go on?

Go on Generally Bush. Get busy Dubbya and declare some more wars.

No really... What do you think America should declare a war on... ?

// Dear General Mills... Dear Post Cereal... Dear Kellogs....
What the hell happened?
Did you all get together and decide it was time to screw us all over at once....
It used to be possible to open a box of cereal.
You slid a butter knife along the cardboard flap...
pushed out the little poky thing used to close the box later...
then you OPENED the bag inside...
pulling the sealed end apart and PRESTO... cereal.
Have you tried this lately?
No really... somebody bring a box of Cheerios to the president of the company.... now open it... you big big freak.
The box rips... go ahead... try to not rip the box... and get that poky thing to open and "re-close" the box.
And the bag? Yeah, if you can open that without screwing it up completely ... then you used scissors to cut it.
And you shouldn't need scissors to open cereal!

Ok... time to go get busy. :)
Have a great day.
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