Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Bath time ended with this moment of
random weirdness. As I have on absolutely
countless other nights, when the last little
one is dried off and sent in search of pj's,
I clean up the tub area and drain it.
So I push the thing to start the drain and
- as I always do - grabbed the bath-bottom
mat from the bottom of the tub and pulled
it up and out.
I hang it on the shower curtain rod and it
drips onto the cloth bath mat.
This time however... some weird ass wave
pattern formed in the water of the tub and
instead of cancelling one another out, the
waves multiplied quite suddenly and - no
exaggeration - hit the back of the tub and
send about three liters of water over the
tub edge. It splashed across the floor, my
sox and the little bathroom throw rug like it
was just another day at the office.  Never
happened before, and prol'y never happen
Good thing I never studied fluid dynamics or
I'd be all over the math here.


(raw excitement from suburbia... wohooo).
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