Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Another wee visit to Club December ... and yes, it is rather late.
But the feeling is there, never the less. :)
It's time, actually, that fails to make an appearance at all the proper moments.

Happy Birthday...
Dec 28 uniclycommon Happy slightly late but well intended Birthday my little distant sugar... :) Have a great year and I hope you and your family enjoy a year of good health and prosperity.
Dec 29 sillz Happy Birthday Sarah.... It just seems appropriate to wish the greatest of joy and the best of health for you in the year ahead. :D
Dec 29 sunnlight Oh sunshiny-goodness... It's wonderful to have held our thread of connection for so very long... I hope you have had a wonderful birthday and that you can look forward to a great year ahead.
Dec 30 rini With a great year like this last one under your belt... may you face a year of even greater achievement and happiness. You remain a treasure in the world of my journal connections. :)
Dec 30 shann Just sticking to one of you... :) Many happy vibes Shann-shazam. I hope this year brings you choices and that you enjoy the making of them. Happy Birthday sugar.
Dec 31 aunticrist I hope you had a grand birthday... and that the things that keep you busy... are keeping you happy as well.
Dec 31 bulvai Happy birthday Bri... and I hope you are able to keep a hold on the distant relationships in your life and squeeze the ones that are close. :)
Dec 31 danicia Thank you Sugar... and happy birthday. You a bundle of great and wonderful energy and I hope it guides you well through an exceptional year.
Dec 31 dpaul007 snicker... Happy Birthday bro... I hope you share good times with your birthday buddy and that this next year is kind to you. :)
Dec 31 reminisce71 Happy birthday Jennifer... although I'm quite sure you are off living your life... and not reading this... :) May this year find you in good health and reaching lofty goals...

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