Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Saturday, January 1

ah... another Saturday post. We are continuing the not-on-holidays perspective on the household CFS policy. :)

I've got the post Chinese Food MSG headache thing scratching at the back of my head.
I need a hhhhhhhhhhhhot shower, and advil and some comfort food... maybe a hot shredded wheat.

Up with the boys at... 10:00. hahaha... they stayed up till 1:00 am. So now I have three days to get them back on schedule with 9:00 pm sleep and 7:00 am wake. UG!!!
I drank coffee while getting them through Kumon... marked the kumon and now both kids are locked on video games. I'll let that go on till I finish showering and then it's OUTSIDE with dad to chop at the ice on the laneway.

My legs are a bit stiff from skiing but I'm otherwise much better than I expected to be. I can imagine ... in few years... being able to go on a family ski vacation. Maybe start simple and go to Mt. St. Anne in Quebec city.  But Austria would be an interesting plan to make for down the road...

Oh, and remember I mentioned that Bunn BT10 coffee maker.... well, we still haven't been able to get it.  It's not for sale anywhere ... so I'm going to have to order it on-line.
Bottom Line: we continue to suffer with the punk ass kitchen aid coffee thing.
Warning: do not be fooled. If you make a lot of coffee... the kitchen aid models are not your solution.

~ pj pants
~ old sweat shirt
~ a couple of small projects ...
~ dinner at my brothers house... (a family affair)
~ hacking at the ice on my laneway...
~ oh and 24 has five hours left... man is it getting excited... and when Jack had to shoot dude... man, that just boggled me.
~ the the million watt smile on psychomagnet to have many new reasons to shine in 2005.
~ some gentle wishes for pookfreak... just 'cuz...
~ you really knew the truth...
~ and that webdiva manages to avoid that "almost" stuff... please!! :)

// the fan that comes on the retail box version of a lga 775 socket processor is a noisy fucking bitch... just say'en...

I'm a little off today.
The headache... is low vibe but still.
However the rest of me is a bit on the "off" side.
I need a massage. That would be nice...
A chair massage... shoulders and neck.

Ok. See ya...

ps. if you quit smoking today... power to you and good luck.

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