Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

happy new year. :)


~ a year for which we should all hold great expectations.
There are a great many little 2004 messes to clean up.

As for me...
I will do what I can, and ask for as little as possible. But I still want my sloth days!
I will appreciate what I have, and try to be reasonable. But I will still lust after cool stuff.
I will love, and I will hope it is passed along.  But nothing man... It's love.


Now dig this...
~ I live ... in the land of the ice and snow
~ our thermostat automagically turns down to "night time" temps after 1:00...
~ you're getting that it's cold right?
~ ok, and every muscle in my body hates me (after skiing today)
~ our bed is a king size jobby from IKEA.
~ it has a huge thread count fitted sheet over a soft mattress pad
~ a sheet...
~ a brand-new-awe-inspiring king sized heating blanket with dual controls ... one on my bedside... one on hers...
~ and a thick down filled duvet on top of all that.
~ The heating blanket is warming up ... as... I... type... and like a magical force, I am being pulled towards the bed....

See ya. :)

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