Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yeah... ok so that's nice and weird.
I just got a couple of email-notific's re: comments from... like, October.

a little livejournal indigestion me thinks...


another night od'ing on 24.
and I think there's still two more dvds!!
(tonight was wicked ... in the show... but I won't say anything in case it buggers it for someone. I know I watched the whole first season knowing the "secret" of the ending and it was a bit off putting.)

We gotta finish this soon though... Lost kicks back in soon... Medium starts on the 3rd and Alias starts on the 5th!!
New Alias... how great is that?
and remember... when she's in pvc and wearing heals... it's a clear signal that men in nice suits will soon experience an ass kicking.

I'm really surprised that I didn't get at least a groan over the Petty / Waiting comment earlier.
sheesh... you'd think nobody knows music that wasn't hatched in the last four years....

K... ni ni. :)
ps. a great day. !! :)

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