Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok... so I'm being kinda geeky.
I have my keyboard on my lap, and my feet up on the bookshelf...
This is called the dance of the newly wireless.

George, in the car, as we drove into the Micky D's parking lot
(yes we went to McDeath for lunch... shush. :D)
"I like the name McDonalds... It's easy to remember."
Edward picks up without a moments hesitation...
"It's better than 'Loktee'... that would be harder!"
and "Imagine... 'Dad... can we go to Loktee for lunch..."
George: "I wonder what the Loktee Toy is this week?"
Edward: "Loktee... I'm loving it!"
me: falling apart laughing in the front seat....
... and this didn't get old for a while...

Comment: There was something almost reassuring about pimply faced kids working all the visible zones in a McDonalds.
The "first job" crew... eager and trying not to mess things up. They had get-up-and-go...
No offence, but the geriatric hiring spree at our local McDonalds (Loktee!!!), while socially responsible, is really quite a pain.
My server wanted to engage in a conversation about the hoodlums that stole the christmas tree right out from the Loktee floor...
Then she goes to get ONE BURGER... comes back... places it on my tray... and goes away again to get ONE FRY PACK, then back and forth twice for the two drinks... etc.
Each time... checking the printed bill.  She had "get up and break a hip". 
I mean... this person probably drove here!!!
Ok... sorry... I'm going to hell for criticising old people aren't I...
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