Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ maybe I'm just the last to know... but  [ :: wikipedia :: ] is a very nice free encyclopedia site...

~ battlestar galactica... the new "2 hour pilot" that began screening many moons ago... is something I missed out on entirely and about which I have read no end of rave reviews...
It's on tonight ... both episodes, back to back on Space... therefore... taping taping...

~ I know people that will give strangers the evil eye and people they know absolute hell about copying music files... recording an mp3 from a cd, or copying an mp3 from some web site...  I mean, they lay on the trip like it's their torch to bear because someone they know is in "the business" or they have some hard core moral stand to make...  and I look at them and wonder where they get off ... considering the glass house they are living in... everybody has their something man... who made you judge and how big a hypocrite do you have to be before someone calls you on it?

~ we had "dinner and a movie" tonight... I brought pizza's to chase down two nights of massive turkey feasts... and we sat around together watching Spider Man 2.  It was fun.


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