Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 26

Hiya... so I hope you all had a lovely time yesterday. :)
We spent the day at home cooking turkey and playing with the kids and generally having fun...
I finished building suz's new computer and put it on her desk... now she just needs to get used to the "intensity" of the flat panel monitor.
Of course, now that her upgrades are done... I can start working on ... mine!!! :D
My "bonus" from work... is basically one big computer upgrade. :)
(you must understand... this is a big deal to me... more excitement than I can accurately portray.)

Pictures and stuff about christmas... are going to have to wait. :)
There is sooooooooooooo much to do... so many things to clean up and  "stuff" to organize.
gah... the lead up to christmas is, among other things, a big excuse to just not deal with things.
So ... I've a full plate of "things that need dealing with...".

Oh, and we packed in a few episodes of 24 last night when we got back from my in-laws house for the big Christmas freak out.
more on that... later.

~ black ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ very old black t from an IBM conference... yikes... way old...
~ to pull "piggies in a blanket" out of the oven in a couple of minutes... :)
~ to stir the worlds largest vat of Turkey soup on my stove...
~ to sort out the basement... if you set off a bomb in the basement... it would look about like it looks now.
~ to express my great happiness at seeing a post from catherine talking about how things are going to be ok... :)
~ and Big Congratulations out to odyssey_road on the birth of her little baby Ella... mommy and baby are healthy and happy. :D
(looks like somebody got a really precious christmas gifty... :D :D :D)

Asia... earthquake... terrible... waves... water... don't they travel across the ocean? Or do they just peter out? You know there's dudes in So-Cal right now that are brushing their hair out of their eyes, flicking the ash off a joint, and saying... "yo... dude, man... can you just imagine... woah... I'd be like... tsunami? Where's my board man? yeah...."

um... yeah, yay, ya... what do you hear in your head when you read "yeah"??
Is it like "ye-ay" as in DAY with a "Ya" sound at the beginning?
or is it a "yaaaa" sound, like ummm... "yaaaaaaaa"
Just curious...
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