Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday... December 24!!!!! :D

It's c-c-c-c-cold outside (and quite Kym... It could be cold in here too... :D)
Everything is frozen up solid.
But it's sunny... brilliantly sunny. :) and I think I'll let that be a good thing. (must remember to wear big warm scarf!!)

Now... I know this is old... but I'm sure I have a few new friends that haven't read this before...
A few years ago, I wrote out a Twelve Days of Christmas story... of course, it was fun, cause I was posting one day at a time in journal land.
[ :: here :: ] is the full twelve day story as a web page at my web site... :)
(just for a morning giggle).

~ blue ftls...
~ pj pants... [ :: although there's really nothing to write home about when it comes to pj pants... :D :: ]
~ a very very old thread bare p-z sweater
~ and a santa hat... :D
~ oh, and a bit of a face fuzz thing... my mommy wants us dressed up and clean shaven for dinner (she'll be taking family portrait pictures again... :D) So I'm putting off shaving till later this afternoon. :)
~ to find a black face plate dvd / cdrw combo drive!
~ oh, and a card reader too... :)
~ We go to my parents house for a big "christmas dinner" tonight and open some family prezzies...
~ and tomorrow we go to my MIL's house for dinner... the meal I'm cooking an 11 kg turkey for... (holy big bird!!)
~ today and tomorrow ... are all about family and kids... and embracing the notion that I am one seriously lucky duck. :D
~ that a dear friend, dreamy_thoughts, manages to let go of her regrets and find her way back to the brilliance of the holidays...
~ that ratonil is safe and sound in the south...
~ for a little shoo to get what she wants... :) but not all at once! :)

I put up a message on Christmas day last year... and I just love it.
[ :: so I'm sharing it again here... :D :: ]

I hope that my friends around the wide world are safe today... out of harms way and close to the people you love.
No matter where you are... I just wanted to say... as long as I'm breathing... you'll never be without a friend.

Smile.... somebody loves you.
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