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Good morning LJ... I am loaded for bear today.. much to say here, tonnes to do at work and to top it all off, I'd rather be sleeping! I'll get to a bb update in a little while but I gotta earn my pay for a while blah blah blah. One thing tho... somehow, I've ended up in love with loud clothes! No not bright orange and neon green clothes... I mean clothes that make a lot of noise! It started with a simple pair of parachute material track pants... I could live in those pants! (swish swish swish swish). Then zebra decided to help me find my inner child and has been doing moocho shopping for yours truly... She came home with a pair of Point Zero pants; cargo deal with the thigh pockets etc. and these babies do the serious swish swish too. (they're fun tho - with the knee zipper and all - I've actually unzipped to make shorts a few times - NOTE: pritty interesting stuff here huh?) So, Zebra's been shopping again and I scored big time. I got some great new shirts - may fav is dark blue, long sleeves and this single orange stripe running from cuff to cuff across the chest - I LOVE IT - and another pair of cargos. This time they're charcole colour and kind'a brushed cotton but still LOUD... swish swish swish swish. No more sneaking around for me!
Man, it was not so long ago that I was do'en the shirt and choke chain (Tie) with 'lovely slacks' every fucking day and I always hated it. I have only one good memory of wearing a tie and it was an abolutely beautiful pure silk number that I wore to my own wedding. Nice dark blue suit and gorgeous tie to get married in... no tux for me!
OMG I am clearly hurt'en to go on and on like this about nuth'en. Sorry. (swish swish swish).
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