Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

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Ok... after several web site updates for the team... internal and external, it's time to check out.
I have a few shops to hit on the way home and I gots-ta boogie if I'm gonna make it before it's late. :)

what a great day!!! I just managed to have an all around really good day. :D :D :D

:::::::::::::::::::::[end of day smiling me]:::::::::::::::::::::

Just a good vibe as the day wears on... :D

Hey... massive confusion... do you HARDWARE GEEKS think I should embrace the intel socket 775 deal?

ps. never pass up a chance to love someone. call me a wanker if you want...
but when life is at it's hardest... when you're drowning in the challenges that cover you...
... there is no denying that love can hold your head above water.
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