Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Club December...

More from the December Club...
( a prolific month if ever there was one! - but that's the result of Spring Fever! :D)

Just wishing a Happy Birthday to a few friends ...

Dec 17: zen2475  Happy birthday, slightly late, Michelle!! I'm glad you got out on your birthday and I do hope you have a great year ahead... May you find some surprises on the path you have ended up walking and may they all be the very best sort of "surprises". :)

Dec 18: rozsdan Ah yes... Not sure if you're around these parts but I'm hoping all is well with you and the ... *cough* "Doctor" and that your birthday is part of a lead up to a great christmas and new year.  Happy Birthday Jeff...

Dec 19: landmark  Dude... :) I soooo remember you sitting in my chair at work and showing you lj and blathering on about how great it was... :)  Life is long and I'm glad I get to hold onto a thread of your world as we both travel though our lives. You are a very unique and particularly good man Rob... I hope you had a really memorable birthday and that the next year brings you closer to goals that mark some of your bigger "life" moments.

Dec 19: maxlee Ah my little russian friend... :) I have no idea if you'll see this but regardless, let me wish for your well being and that you have had a wonderful birthday. It is a true hi light of my journal experience to meet people from so very far away and to hold those threads if at all possible... As the next year clicks past... I hope to hold just enough of you... to see you have a wonderful time, prosper and live in the best of health.

Dec 20: kaifawn Happy birthday oh globe trotter... :)  I hope you find yourself on the edge of new adventures this year and that you have a wonderful birthday!! :)

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