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~ the music thing ... will absolutely drive me bonkers. Therefore, it (the song) will be just ending when I get in the car and the dj wont mention the song title or artist...
That's just the way things seem to work. :)

Today was killer productive... hell, this whole week has been a bag of work related sixes... BIG ASS RAINMAKER contract thing that would have had me s-s-s-s-s-s-s-slaving all next week... as I had accurately foretold, held together but was delayed till January 6... because people really aren't that stupid.!!! Therefore... I get to book w,t,f off. :D :D :D


Tomorrow could be...

We're lucky you know... you and I.
We have the power to make choices and,
on a good day,
we get to make choices based purely on the pursuit of happiness.

Imagine the quiet thumping of a breaking heart,
wondering what choices it will ever make again.

Imagine the silent scream of a rage against life's injustice...
Against deaths uneven hand.

Dance yourself silly while the chance to be happy is with you.
Share every moment of it you can spare.
Love the people in your life...
love them without any reservation.

Tomorrow could be...
... an entirely different kind of day.

And my heart holds with gentle care,
thoughts and love for friends...
that are having their own different tomorrows today.

If this time of year is about anything...
It's about holding onto hope
and, if you're lucky, it's hope for someone elses happiness.

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