Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok... music thing...

work with me on this... because I already know it's gonna sound totally stooopid.

Diana Ross and Supremes... "You keep me hanging on" or is it called "set me free"
Listen to the first few moments of that song... before the lyrics kick in.

It shares that musical moment with another, more contemporary song... (but not at all related to "You keep me hanging on ...") that brings in a very high pitch male vocal... possible pet-shop-boys... and I cannot get it out of my head... even though I don't know a single lyric... ok, maybe... "wrote it all down in a little ... black book..." happens somewhere in the early verse.

You really need to hear that first few bars... however Kaaaaaaza-krrraaaap wont give it to me...


You're not reading this right... I can get the words to You keep Me Hanging on... that's the easy part.
The thing is the MUSIC in the first 15 seconds of that song... REMINDS ME OF ANOTHER SONG... (the one I think is by The Pet Shop Boys) and it (possible Pet Shop Boys song) is driving me bonkers...
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