Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 17

Dude!!!! it's frick'en cold man... hard core.
Driving in to work... there's blue sky out the window on one side of the car... and (no kidding here) white out conditions of blowing snow out the other window. Very bizzzzzzar.

Everything you step on ... squeaks... c-c-c-c-c-cold. And it's fix'en to snow... more.

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: and yeah, it's friday... :D :: ]
~ gray T hiding under the big beige p-z turtleneck...
~ and yes, I know that's two point-zero articles of clothing at once... sue me... :D
~ oh, and I didn't wear the hat to work... but I will all week next week. :)
~ not really sure... I know I have a bunch of stuff to proof for co-worker dude... so I'll do that till the boss shows up and cracks the whip on the next big urgent thing to do in the week before christmas...
~ hand out kifli to my coworkers... :)
~ ack... boss just got back... that survey I've been working on? has to be redone... and I have 90 minutes.
~ I could sort out a song thing that's DRIVING ME CRAZY... I'll try to explain it later this morning... :)
~ to congratulate aristophren on the concert last night... :)
~ that pixiecup's little Wes starts feeling better...
~ for some kind of strength to find darling lil_sass and that her family can pull together... she lost her brother...
~ there were words to give strength and condolences to alachicky
~ to express my sympathy for my friend, Theresa (a girl at work) who just lost her mother...

People, I'm just saying... there has been some very hard hard moments in the lives of some of my friends and it can STOP any time now ... ok?
I'm a very emotional guy and I want so very much to be able to reach out to my friends when things are this dramatically sad...
I love you guys and I wish I could help.

Leave it to Quebec....
Ok... you need to put you "imagination cap" on for this.
Quebec is a province in Canada... (check a map man)
It's bigger than Texas... with, like... a tenth the population,
all of whom are situated along the main body of water running through the province.
Picture a reasonably big off road motorcycle.
Now put it in your living room.
Get someone who knows how to to drive it...
and have them start it up.
Now you know the brrr... BRRRR... brrrr thing when they twist the handle? (throttle?)
Any ways, imagine it's turned ALL THE WAY ... so the thing is SPEWING HARD CORE smoke and SCREAAAAAAAMING LOUD.
Can you picture this?
Ok... now that's quiet compared to a snowmobile.
A snowmobile is like the noisiest vehicle on the planet, next to the space shuttle.
So... if a steady stream of these beasts are driving past your front door ALL DAY AND NIGHT for several months of the year... to the point where you cannot talk for the noise or breath for the pollution... you'd ask someone to do something about it... right?
Well some people did... and the courts looked at the data and said "fuck'en eh man... you are sooooo right." and awarded 8 million in damages to the plaintiffs.
The noise pollution was phenomenal...
So what does the Quebec Government do?
Tell the Snowmobiling industry to make quieter machines?
Mufflers maybe?
Or how about pushing the snowmobiles to park trails instead of IN FRONT OF PEOPLES HOUSES... ?
The ram through legislation that PROHIBITS CITIZENS FROM suing snowmobile organizations for noise pollution for two years.
The idea is that the snowmobile industry will sort out their problems in the next two years. hahahahahahaha...
These are a bunch of french guys driving rocket ships with treads. There is no fucking way they will sort anything out.
But while they go about their noise, smelly, DANGEROUS, business... everyone else can suffer because the government is on the snowmobile's side.
Fucking idiots. How about banning the snowmobile until the industry sorts out the issues with noise and pollution? I bet you they'd make progress if they did that.

Ok... happy friday... :D :D :D

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