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Thursday, December 16

It's a beautiful day... no really.
It's gorgeous... it's not as cold as yesterday...and the sun is shining.

I am totally skagged about Donna on West Wing... she is THE reason I watch the damn show!!! grrrr...
(Oh, and I had the Jimmy Smits thing worked out ages ago!! right down to the Josh visit... - does the smarty pants dance).

~ gray ftls
~ groove station khaki cargos...
~ thick gray t and a nice two tone tommy sweater
~ a big stupid smile... :) :D
~ project review... reading coworkers reports... like a "proofing" thing...
~ zoooooooooooooom away around 1:00 to get to Geo and Ed's school... it's Christmas pageant time... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D <-- imagine many lines of these ... mmmk?
~ looking at my vcr at 8:00 and sighing...
~ I could make up my freaking mind on computer parts for Z's computer... I wanna do the rebuild over the holidays... and I'm gonna need the parts man... :)
~ for a minimum of flakiness for canuckgirl (snicker...)
~ to send some good, warm and friendly vibes to a sweet girl... lynspin... do you know her? She's all that and a bag of chips muchachos... :D Just say'en...
~ that bondas's kitty heals up well...
~ and that Suzy... kitykity is happy to be home... :)

Pay Attention To This
I am holding a virtual candle for a dear friend,... lil_sass has suffered a very dramatic and unfortunate loss in her family and my heart is aching for her.
Say a prayer for her family if you pray... and if you don't... think a kind and warm thought.

~ thank you for your attention... you can go back to scolling past again...

Doesn't anybody wanna take another shot... at me.
Go ahead the gun is loaded and the bullets are for free.

~ just say'en man...

In January, trade restrictions on cheep asian textiles will fall away and the Canadian, theoretically "high quality", textile industry is expecting to be decimated. There are some 44,000 canadians working in that industry... and the government has committed to spending an initial 130 million to dig them (the textile industry itself) out of the shitter...
Ok... here's a clue. That is 130 million of our tax dollars that are being FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET.

Either you can or you can't compete with $0.22 / day wages from central China with actual quality product or you can't.

A vast majority of the textile mills in this country are going to go tits up and that's a fact... The government can throw money at the industry for the next 40 years... but for what? Geezus... just pay the freaking people that are getting laid off that cash and let them find new work. If the quality of fabric is not important then spending money on the industry is not going to magically make it important. Sure... it's important for some... but not for The Brick, Leons, and every other big box furniture store that will be pumping cheep chinese fabric out like mad. You could have spent billions on the car industry but you were not going to force that industry to stick with Carborators when the catalytic converter came along.

ps. Amazing Race: Reading Web stuff on Jon and Victoria... tells me that they both have been involved in self promotion for years... (not to mention her very naked'ness in past playboys). This is leading me to think that there is some real acting going on here... He's just soooooooo much. I THINK THEY'RE FAKING. k...

L8r sk8ers. :)
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