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Up early today... Z and I traded days this weekend - days to sleep in. So I've been up fer a while...

~fav big huge red sweatshirt
~blue sweat pants
~sweat sox (you seeing a pattern here?)
~ to clean the main floor of the house...
~ drive George to another birthday party at 1:00 (thats 4 in the last two weeks)
~ run a few errands...
~ to get "zebra approval" to post a picture of the outfit!!!
~ that I could connect with my friend, laini and see how she's doing...
~ that I ripped a page out last night... too tired... maybe tonight...

Hey, I saw a few minutes of a "Popstars" repeat this morning... the one where jan arden came to visit... She really summed it up with her total dis of the show... "This is a show about loosers, not winners..." Man, you have got to have a really solid self concept to live through that kind of rejection. I know we do it ever day in real life with work etc. but these are young people and in a totally superficial place... PopStardom....
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