Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 12

mmm... coffee... warm! :D

zoom zoom zoom... busy busy day ...

In two hours Suz, Geo and I will be belt testing for Green... Gah... Suz and I have to break another board but with a 180 turning side kick... and I'm just not sure how that's gonna go. Hahaha....

I have to fly ... no time to read or rant... :)

~ t-shirt
~ gray ftls
~ house coat!
~ a coffee cup on my face...
~ to make this wicked short...
~ get myself ready for belt-testing-sunday
~ figure out how to manage the need to watch and tape 4 freaking hours of tv tonight... stupid 3 hours of Survivor and one hour of Desperate House Ho's... :)
~ to thank the anonymous pea that got me a livejournal gifty... thank you!! :)
~ I had a second satellite decoder. :)
~ that things go perfect for Suz and Geo today at testing!!
~ that I get a chance to check in with all y'all later.
~ oh, and I have pictures ... a few... from our day yesterday...

I hope there are great days washing over all my friends today. :)

and btw... our world here... in Ottawa... is one big snowy freak monkey... everything is white... fluffy and cold.

See you a few hours. :D

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