Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


rrrrrr... after a really super work week...
today really sucked.
head ache all day long... total bad luck connecting with my buddy over in england!
and I keep doing totally stupid things... most recent? grabbed a cast iron skillet by the handle...
seconds after removing it from the phuquing oven. polysporin all over my fingers... ouchi
(no survivor jokes!)
and to top it off... I can't get the application that reads my camera to save the images to disk... blah blah blah... I have to reinstall the app just to get pictures of my lovely day onto the system.

Actually, that part is kinda cool.... me and the boiz played in the snow all day... and when z came back from a mini shopping extravaganza... I took a bunch of pictures in her new outfit... silver shimmery top, black and white snake skin pants... over-the-top chain male belt.. and the long black coat.... She found the shoes for the outfit but has to go to another store to get her size... erg.

So, if I can the camera to download! I'll post pictures...

In the mean time, I'm finishing up the boiz bath then Z and I are giving the house over to the babysitter while we go out... long evening ahead... friends, food and alcohol. Usually ends badly (hehe). I hope I can get away with smoking a dooby tonight...

Later Lj...

ps. I need today to stop sucking!!!!
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