Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 10.

So I hated the pic from home so I snapped one here... can you see "American Maid" in the picture? ~ snicker... :D

Another flat day... weather wise... at least out of the starting blocks.
Unfortunately it's not going to stay that way... they're calling for 25 cms of snow over night and freezing rain later today ... you know... around commute time... just because it's more fun that way... I don't how he's doing it... but we all know this freezing rain is George Bush's fault... right?

I researched the hell out of the samsung 17" (712N) LCD monitor... and contrasted it to the Viewsonic 17 (V715). I thought for sure the Viewsonic was the winner and ... it's kinda loads cooler looking. So I stay focused on the Viewsonic and keep reading. Last night I read several reviews that really lock it down that despite the cool factors... it's just not a good enough monitor and that the Samsung would be better... I'm like... ready, you know? And now? The Samsungs are out of stock all over the city... (it's a price point thing...) So now I'm wicked frustrated with the whole monitor thing. grrrrr...

~ red stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: and yes... I know I need new blue jeans... :: ]
~ strong bad... :D :D
~ denim shirt...
~ already did the car thing with the mechanic... hope it's all fixed up after work... :D
~ to go and get my car... after work...
~ fix a bunch of problems a coworker dude is having with the "application" I made for the team... sigh... it's always the little things that getcha...
~ write about Survivor at lunch... :)
~ tonight? keep reading and trying to find supply on samsungs...
~ that things keep getting better in the world of lindalee_... !! :D
~ for my friend aeuve to hold onto faith that there is real friendship in her world... period!!!
~ that a very precious friend... no and her family are well. (welcome home sugar)

Oh... and I got this note: from livejournal... letting me know that the "additional icon feature" I have is about to run out.
So I need to sort out which of my icons people hate for when I go back to 10... gah!
Having the additional Icons was an anonymous gift from someone last year and I am very much the thankful bunny about that. :)

Edit: holy crap man... (that was fast!) thank you thank you thank you...

Todays ranty moment...
// America is going to press on with the Missile Defense Shield... that's one of those "undeniable force" things... it's a space thing... it's a weapon thing... and it's cool... so hands down the US will be going down that path. They are (US Military Industrial complex and the general field of technical research) well positioned and more than capable of pursuing this goal. The exciting part to me is not so much the MDS - which will (and I promise this) NEVER ever be used let alone work. The exciting part is all the valuable research and discovery that will take place en route to the end of development cycles that will be dedicated to MDS... So it's not MDS... it's the things that will happen because of it... that is exciting from a progress point of view.
The big winners will be the American contractors that get the big funding to carry out the research ... and then, of course, hollywood, who will cash in on the books written to play up the all the fiction that will accompany the MDS process.

Canada... a long established leader in space geek... hosts George last week and what does he do? He hijacks the proposed purpose of the meeting and tries to do a little agenda setting by putting MDS on the various tables that hosted him. That was underhanded and clearly typical. But whatever. It's not like we wont participate... America already has a deal with Canada to use the version II of an intel satellite and that "use" will be a part of the MDS. That's all part of a bed Canada and the US have been together in for ages. Politically, we (Canada) will posture and make noises and say we're not in MDS... but we are... no matter what the talking heads say.

The only really bad part of the picture is that George W. Bush is at the helm of the initiative. That is the part that has made so many people reticent about getting involved. You're a sneaky little punk George and you're just not all that smart. Fortunately, there will be several administrations between now and any end games with the MDS stuff....

Oh, and too bad about the Arms Race that MDS will touch off...
Personally... I think the money should be sunk into the development of the various Rail Gun technologies. One working Rail Gun, mounted on a ship at sea, would pretty well be the end of the line for next several decades on the weapons front.

Ok... today is screaming for me... so I gotta get busy.
See you at lunch. :)

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