Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

funny how things work...

Drive home... it took two hours... normally takes 45 mins.
Dinner and stuff... and then...
While homework goes on, I figure I'll head to the store and get some essentials...
Especially Juice! This family of cough-o-matics is going through juice like mad.

The grocery store is 5 minutes away driving.
Factor in the terrible weather... and it's still close. :D
So off I go.

Shop shop shop shop shop.
AND I'm thinking to myself... my feet feel pretty good after a whole day on 'em...
I start wondering about that doc appointment tomorrow.
milk, cream, oh... some hagen das.... yum.
some lunch meats... fruit... some veggies...
ok... wait... let me check my list.

um... yeah... I have my list.
but not my cards!!!!!
(I don't carry a wallet... just my credit and bank card)

Park my cart... drive home.
Get cards... drive back.
Grab cart and ... shop for just a couple more things...
Thinking... yeah... it was really the right foot wasn't it... that was bad???
Wonders more about the doc appointment.
Then OUT!!
Use the card! pay and home.

Unpack groceries...
... listen to everyone coughing.
FACKKKKKK>>>> I forgot the juice.
The excitement of realizing I had no cards distracted me from checking the list. grrrrrr!

Lovely evening... freezing rain and all.
Bring Edward ... just to break up the strain. :D
Let him pick a juice (5 Alive) and I get some Orange Juice.
AND my foot if fucking killing me.
Edward can shuffle faster than I can walk.

Home... get a tennis ball and roll foot for a bit.
No way am I missing that doctors appointment tomorrow.


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