Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ George... freaking cute kid man... :D

~ I can't watch any 15 minute segment of "The American President" without needing a kleenex...  gah!

~ I forgot about tonight... it's the First Annual Christmas Dinner for the TKD school... so I'm taking the boys to my folks house in a few mins... then Z and I are off to the "Korean Gardens" for this big honking authentic Korean meal...  (crosses fingers...)

~ coffee = good!

~ feet not as bad... but get worse as the day goes by... rolling  a tenis ball under the arch of my foot... is a remarkable pain relief... it's like farquing magic man...

~ thanks for all the great feedback on video cards... (friday night post)... now all I need is to rob a fucking bank....  I need a shuga daddy... er... mommy... whatever. 

~ did I mention the coffee?

See ya... gotta go comb what's left of my hair...

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