Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Yes... well ... I made a point of saying "excuse me" about sixteen times... :D

If I had a sd card reader... I'd show you pictures but that will have to wait till tonight.

HOWEVER ... the phone lines on our street were "melted" this morning by some Hydro screw up... so I'm off line 'till they get that sorted.

I arrived and wandered around a pathetic and silly crowd at Parilament hill around 12:00.
However, when I went to Confederation Square... I was in a massive throng of people.

The group did loads of talk'en.... jumping around and yelling and finally marching.
We walked through the core of the city and ended up on Parliament Hill ...

It was a peaceful but BIG and LOUD protest... up to that point.
There was some pushing and shoving starting up at the hill and the crowd was determined to march down Sussex drive to the Dept. of Foreign Affairs where they thought Bushy was... and at that point I figured... fine... I've put three hours into walking my message around... got loads of pictures... and many more taken of my sign and interviews and stuff... but they (protesters) "Scuffled with police" after I left so I expect everything before that will be forgotten on the news cycle.

This was definately an interesting experience.

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