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I look back at posts like yesterdays "end of day" post and shudder with how corny I can get at times...
Everybody has their mania... and I suspect that mine is a drive towards this big dorky love fest that I get with you guys.
I know I tend to embrace arguments, but that's part of the exploration and I almost (almost!) never regret the dramatics.

I just know there's very little I can do about the corny thing... it's part of my thang and I kind of like it.
So you all just have to deal (or drop). :)

my friends....

Exactly how am I supposed to express the way I feel about you?
You always seem to be able to lift my spirits...
or hold my hand when it needs some company.

When I'm worried, you offer ideas and a place to explore my feelings.
If I'm afraid... you wait with me in the dark.

As the crazy joy of the life I have been blessed with washes over me...
I can always find you to share it with.

A day doesn't pass without my thoughts straying to you..

Thank you.
For everything.
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