Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


dum di dum...

So far... an interesting evening.
Lil' geo is nine and starting to get a little more range to his emotional self...
that's not really cryptic, just a hard to'splain thing about seeing your kid growing. :D

Between bouts of sneeze flurries... and a strange tingle in my throat... I'm planning on consuming vast quantities of fruit, juice, vitamins and echan ecunatia? euthanasia?  gah... you know what I mean... I sooooooo do not want to get sick. I hate "sore throat sick" sicks...

I spent a couple of hours outside farting around with this christmas light idea I blossomed in my mushroom cloud of a bone head brain I carry around with my neck.  I hate (and that's a deep kind of tortured dislike thing there... ) putting up christmas lights... because ... they alllllways suck. The stupid lights point in the wrong direction... and those little plastic "clips" on them... that snap off in the cold...

Any ways, I figured I could buy some 8 ft long 2x1's, stain them and then staple the freaking light strings to them.  Add an "eyelets" to each end and put hooks on the house trim and ... it's presto time.  Cool huh... simple huh... yeah.

K... well I've done about 65% of the deal... 'cept I put the lights on the wrong side of the wood. 
This must seem ridiculous but ... well, it has to do with the way theres three pieces of wood for one string of lights and how it all hooks together.
Bottom line... I'm all jazzed about how great it's going to work out... but first I have take it all apart and start over.
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