Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

l8er sk8er. :)

::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::

yeah... well today came and went.

~ I made serious head way on my project... finished version 3.0 of the ITIL Assessment Tool... although big ass ITIL Geeks will say "Tools are bad"... however... they can eat my shorts. :)

~ Random thought of the moment: I am soooo way ahead on christmas this year is dorky. :D

~ Please... send a few nice hopeful vibes into the air for kendokamel's grandfather... he's in need of finding.

~ My thumbs are a mess.... (if you don't know what that's about ... forgeddaboutit... if you do know... gah... wish me luck.)

~ I hope to finally get SpamAssassin configured tonight... (home domain server... it's getting stupid with a gazillion spam messages every day...)

There are some people in my journal world... who are just dancing as fast as they can to stay ahead of the beat that is chasing them.
I want so very much to be able to talk to you... and share words that make the dance a little more manageable.

Let the water rush over you ... let the water wash away the things that make you afraid.
You are so much more important than you imagine... let alone being more important than he thinks you are.
But whatever you do... don't dissolve under the pressure of that water.
Hold it together... because if there is want to be found again...
You don't want it to find a puddle of you.
Be the person you are...
Be the person you want him to want.
It's easy to tell yourself you "wont settle" when you pick your mates...
Make it even harder to settle when you shape yourself.
Be demanding...
Be the person ... be the woman ... you really are.
... she's everything she needs to be.

Take care... and I'll see you soon.
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