Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 22.

another brrrrrrr... morning.
evil bone cold... I really don't like this. Still wearing the long trench coat... not the big down filled winter coat. But in a month or so the temperatures will be so low that the weather today will feel positively balmy. So... I gotta suffer. *sigh* I have this great "blanket" in my back seat... I wrap myself in it when I'm driving in the cold... I mean, it's a honda so the heater kicks in and things get toasty... but when you're still waiting for the heater to heat up... well, that's blanket time baby. :)

~ blue ftls
~ black cotton kinda cargos
~ gray t and a big blue turtleneck. :)
~ um... well, the app dev stuff needs finishing...
~ more doc work and I need to fix my resume up a bit...
~ tonight? no plans man..
~ to thank you for the good geek info I've been getting lately... andysoft, fallingforward, compwizard... and more... you guys rock.
~ that I don't need an eye operation after the cats take over...
~ that grrrrrrrrrrrowl was here... making me cinnamon buns!! :)
~ for the hard work'en mommy zone in the life and times of ectv eases up a bit... hmmm?
~ and all my best out to cynica today... things are going to be ... just perfect. You wait and see. ;)

// I read in a friends journal the comments of someone that was quite certain President Bush was doing good work... I had to wade in a bit... and things eventually lead to him saying categorically that if only I'd talk to the right people, I'd see just how "necessary" the war in Iraq is. I can hardly believe ... but sadly I must... that people actually believe that. Necessary? My goodness... that's just totally fucked.
Lets talk about necessary....
What's today? November 22. It's a Monday. By Friday it will be November 26.
At 1300 minimum per day... times five... that equals 6500...
That's six thousand and five hundred.
That's how many children will DIE of AIDs related illness in Africa THIS WEEK.
That's like 54 kids every hour of every day of every week...
But I know ... I know... you can't have those damned religious types all pissed off at the Americans for invading their country in Fallloooooooooooooooogia. Oh no... can't have that.
The Iraqi conflict is not necessary... nor is it an actual war... because... well, war kinda suggests that there are two warring parties. In Iraq you only have the foreign invaders and the domestic population fighting them off. Call that a war if you want...
The African AIDs terror is absolutely devastating ... terrifying... and in need of massive multinational support. But it only comes on the backs of a hard fighting "coalition of the willing" and by that I mean actual caring people working tirelessly to bring any kind of health care at all to the devastated populations across the African continent... and I didn't mean a bunch of wanks cowed into submission by uber power monger Bush and his pathetic campaign in Iraq.

Yeah... so I kinda gotta get to work... (damn). :D

Have a great Monday...
Make it a great week by starting it off right.
Which, btw, apparently doesn't include talking to me about pet love.
But I'll stow that for another day. :)

peace frog
blue sunday.
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