Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Well here I am... living la vida loca in the planetary Euthansia HQ.

One of the kids got the hiccups real bad...
... so we put him down.

Sad... but you know, those hiccups are such a burden.
What with all that "drinking water upside down from cup with a spoon in it" stuff...
... well it's just a damned nusance.


on a lighter note... I played with straws. oh, and tape.
I made a three dimensional rectangle... the size of one of the computer cases I've been looking at on-line.
It's pink, blue and lime green.  er... My 3D straw thing... not the computer case.


What is the deal with those 4 and 5 hundred dollar video cards. ATI and nvidia are pumping out 128 meg cards that cost 127$ and then others ... also with 128 megs that go for like $475.  What's the big deal? I mean ... is a [ :: Saphire 9800 128MB DDR :: ] going to be loads better than my Gforce2 MX?

ok... bed time. Long work week this week... Weighty things to think about...

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