Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Night... :)

~ nice day. Kinda wore myself out a bit... I've been drawn into some of the vortex created by super fly... and it's all good man, all of it. :)
(actually, for those that grok the whole fly lady thing, she's just dabbling and trying a few very good ideas out... :D)

~ I've been cruising the most bizarre corners of the geek hardware on-line sales zone... on cases and main boards and... fun though it certainly is... it's driving me freaking insane.  The little micro atx "cube" cases and a cool-as-shit main board that fits it just kinda screams "and get a flat panel to go with it" hahahaha!! I tell ya... I'm gonna have to take pirating or something... I could loot a couple of small villages in the country around here... all rape'en an' pillage'en and stuff...  But then I'd need a band of cut throats to be my scurvy lot and they'd prol'y drink up all the cash ... so then I'd be some kind of terrifying outlaw, pursued by bounty hunters and revered by a dastardly brute squad... and I'd still not have the cool new computer parts I want.  bah...

~ Ed's getting a cold...

~ I have no idea how I'm gonna beat the final boss on Clone Wars. (geo's game cube thing...)

~ it's 2:30? wtfaidu? (I bet you decipher that on the first guess).

Ok, night... er, see ya on Sunday.
(computer free saturday in our house has been something of a rule for ... a hulluva long time and it's not fixen to stop anytime soon. )

peace frog blue sunday. :)

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