Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yeah... ok, an update:

The doc spent a lot of time with the little stethascope thingy listening to his lungs and then sent us downstairs to get his chest x-rayed. She was worried about a "walking pneumonia". We'll hear back about that later.

I got to work at about 12:00 although I stopped and picked up a small, four slice gabriel's pizza... The pizza parlor is near a high school ... all of which is near our office tower... and the pizza place was overrun with kids. It was freaking everything I could do to not laugh at these black kids with the hard-foam-form (??) baseball caps, resting sideways on their heads, a shiney jacket and an untucked shirt and pants... pants with the crotch BELOW the knee... like DUDE... are those like special jeans? Or is the waist line of the pants BELOW your ass? I swear they all looked like someone dressed 'em up to be stereotypes for a gag or sumthin. :)

I've eaten... and I'm going to try and pack a full day into the afternoon...


ps. Congratulations go out BIG to a very bright and precious friend... bramey...
she received her PhD yesterday.... Big Big congratulations sugar bronze... er... Dr. Sugar Bronze. :D

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